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Changjiang 60-car standard rolling boat


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Our company has a standardized shipbuilding quality management system and control procedures in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system, and has a relatively complete production and construction process management and testing procedures, so that the quality of shipbuilding can be effectively guaranteed.

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Changjiang 60-car standard rolling boat

Ship building refers to the process of building, repairing and refitting various types of ships. This work is usually carried out by a dedicated shipyard, dock or repair yard and involves a variety of professional skills and engineering processes. Here are some of the key aspects of ship building:

Design and planning: Detailed design and planning work is required prior to the start of a ship building project. This includes determining the ship's specifications, appearance, performance and functions, as well as developing a construction plan and budget.

Material procurement: Ship building requires a large number of materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, electronic equipment, engines and other components. These materials must comply with the appropriate standards and specifications.

Hull manufacturing: This stage involves building the structure of the hull, usually using welding, riveting and other processing techniques. The size and type of ship will affect the complexity of construction.

Equipment installation: Once the hull is completed, various equipment and systems need to be installed, including engines, electronic equipment, navigation systems, water supply and drainage systems, etc.

Painting and decoration: Ships usually need painting to protect steel parts from corrosion and decoration to improve appearance.

Sea trials: Before being delivered to customers, newly built ships usually require sea trials to ensure their performance and safety.

Repair and refit: In addition to building new ships, the ship repair yard is also responsible for maintaining, repairing and refitting existing ships. This may involve repairing damaged parts, replacing aging equipment, improving performance, or meeting new regulatory requirements.

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